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The development of the SASS Premier Scoring & Match Management System started in 1999 as a simple scoring system that would allow easy posting of the scores to a website.  Since then the program has grown into a full management system that is in use by over 300 clubs world wide.

The SASS Premier Scoring & Match Management System is currently on Version 40.3 if you are not update on the current version and are current on your annual maintenance email CD Tom at and get the link.


Advantages in using the SASS Premier Scoring System.

  • Track misses, procedurals, bonuses and Minor Safety
  • Score by Rank Points, Total Time
  • Score by the new point system
  • You can score up to 6 matches at the same time
  • Scores are computed
  • If you have foreign visitors you can print the ATF letters.
  • Computerized posse assignments
  • Print stage score sheets
  • Windows based program
  • Easy extraction to MS Excel
  • Score by individual or by posse/stage
  • Print your own certificates through MS Word
  • Print confirmation letters for your annual matches
  • Print mailing labels
  • Print Packet labels
  • Side Match scoring
  • If your club has dues, you can send out dues notices and receive pymts
  • RV Space management
  • Extract data to A.C.E.S.
  • Import data from A.C.E.S.
  • Add new categories without any hassles
  • Customizable (may require an additional cost)
  • Will load your current shooters database before shipping

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